FutureLearn Announces First US Partners

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Europe’s largest MOOC provider, FutureLearn, recently announced it first partners in the United States.  FutureLearn is owned by Open University.  It announced that five universities will be offering MOOCs on their learning platform.  Those universities are:

These schools will be offering a number of courses throughout 2017.

FutureLearn’s CEO said:

FutureLearn is proud to be at the forefront of transforming higher education, combining our social learning pedagogy with next generation technology, to deliver market-leading course engagement rates.  We work with around a quarter of the top universities in the world and are honoured to be welcoming such a stellar group of US universities to join the FutureLearn partnership. It is also incredibly exciting to be tackling the key challenge being faced across the US and the rest of the world – upskilling the workforce; something we will achieve not only with our university partners but also through partnerships with other major US National organisations, who are focused on enhancing skills in key professions.


Rick W. Burkett runs the John A. Logan College Teaching and Learning Center, teaches history, and heads an educational nonprofit. He publishes blogs on a wide variety of topics, including history, teaching and learning, student success, and teaching online.

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